22 Oct 2019

Best in class? London schools under ‘intense’ pressure to deliver

How are budget and site restrictions, changing demographics and the need to ensure flexibility in designs being overcome when it comes to London schools? A breakfast talk at NLA sought to find out.

15 Oct 2019

London must engage with communities to win back trust

London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently pledged to step up his regime of building ‘genuinely’ affordable homes for the capital and urged developers to up their game in getting the most out of community expertise and knowledge.

27 Sep 2019

City of London embraces culture as part of its rebirth

The City of London is stepping up its drive towards becoming a rounded, 24-hour place, founded upon commerce, culture and creativity.

25 Sep 2019

London Festival of Architecture 2020 theme revealed

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) has announced that ‘Power’ will be the theme of the next festival, taking place across London from 1 -30 June 2020.

16 Sep 2019

Sustainable, affordable homes - learning lessons from Sweden

What can London and Stockholm teach each other in terms of creating and delivering sustainable, affordable housing?

14 Sep 2019

Retrofit for purpose – tall storeys

A group of leading ‘retrofitters’ gathered at NLA to show how they are leading the way when it comes to reworking tall buildings from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

10 Sep 2019

What would your one proposal be to improve the involvement of communities in London?

Eileen Conn, Peckham resident and co-ordinator of Peckham Vision, a citizens action group, responds:

7 Aug 2019

‘Our opponents are on the wrong side of history’ – Will Norman

Opponents to the steps being taken to make London a better city for walking and cycling are on the ‘wrong side of history’, said Sadiq Khan’s walking and cycling commissioner Will Norman at the NLA’s Active Travel summit last week.

5 Aug 2019

Energy and consultation - building Agar Grove Phase 1a

The team behind this year’s Overall Winner in the New London Awards 2019 came to Store Street to explain the principles behind what is the UK’s largest Passivhaus project. And it was clear that effective consultation and post occupancy evaluations with the residents were key drivers in the project’s easy progress.

4 Aug 2019

Reimagining the Neighbourhood - Architectural Design Academy

New London Architecture Learning ends the academic year with its annual week long Architectural Design Academy for young people aged 16-18.