NLA Study Tour: London Bridge Station

Study Tour, Wednesday 12 September 2018

13:00-14:00 (registration from 12:30) or 14:00-15:00 (registration from 13:30)

As the UK’s fourth busiest station, the redevelopment of London Bridge will see passenger numbers rise from 50 to 90 million per year.

Smart Art / Smart Cities - Part 1

Breakfast Talk , Friday 14 September 2018


Art plays a role of crucial importance in the creation and delivery of our cities’ places and spaces. What new approaches to art in public realm are being explored and what effect are they having on our cities?

Creative family workshops: design your home!

Free Event, Saturday 15 September 2018


Let your child become the architect! Work together with our professional educators to design your ideal home and learn the basics of architectural design.

Don’t Move, Improve! Design Surgeries

Free Event, Saturday 15 September 2018


Don’t Move, Improve! Design Surgeries offer FREE advice and inspiration to Londoners looking to extend their homes.

The City of London - a global leader

On Location, Wednesday 19 September 2018


As global competition increases to attract and retain business, the City of London is embarking on major investment in innovations, technologies and initiatives that will keep it ahead of the pack. Join NLA for this City on Location event, hearing from key stakeholders and industry experts as we explore the changing trends and demands of occupiers in the City.

Smart Art / Smart Cities - Part 2

Lunchtime Talk, Friday 21 September 2018


Art plays a role of crucial importance in the creation and delivery of our cities’ places and spaces. What new approaches to art in public realm are being explored and what effect are they having on our cities?

The power of data: London’s smart future

Breakfast Talk , Friday 21 September 2018

08:30-09:30 (Registration from 08:00)

Technology and the huge amount of data that are collected everyday provide increasing opportunities to better understand the world we live in and transform it into more efficient services to citizens. Yet, are we able to organise, interpret and translate this data into better urban services? As London is preparing to growth to more than 11 million residents by 2050, smart technologies will become crucial in creating a smart future for London.

designjunction Architectural Walking Tour - Southbank

Walking Tours, Friday 21 September 2018


Join NLA for this special tour of London’s South Bank and Bankside, as part of designjunction 2018. This area of London continues to see increased development of residential and workspace projects together with a generous supply of cultural buildings, transport links and river-side public realm.

Open House at NLA

, Saturday 22 September 2018


Visit NLA for a special series of talks and family workshops to celebrate Open House 2018.

Caring for 20th century buildings

Pecha Kucha, Tuesday 25 September 2018


London’s most recent built heritage is gaining increasing attention from developers and heritage bodies, with many iconic examples from the period between 1900-1999 undergoing renovation to upgrade them for continued use. This was a period of intense change for the city, which is keenly reflected in its architecture – from Art Deco, Brutalism to Postmodernism and High tech – so how are we conserving these important pieces of our city?

NLA Nights at Spectrum, 160 Old Street

NLA Nights, Wednesday 26 September 2018


NLA Members are invited to join us for drinks and networking at an NLA Nights at Spectrum, 160 Old Street, hosted by Great Portland Estates, on behalf of The Great Ropemaker Partnership (A 50:50 joint venture with Ropemaker Properties Ltd).

Transport and the rise of automation

Think Tank, Wednesday 26 September 2018

Invitation only

Automation is already disrupting how we move around cities, from the function of transport stations to autonomous vehicles. Autonomous innovations are praised to bring cleaner air, reduced congestion and safer and healthier streets. But, how do we get to this utopian future?

New London Neighbourhood Tour - Canary Wharf

Walking Tours, Wednesday 26 September 2018

10:30 - 12:30

Just 30 years after construction began, Canary Wharf is one of London’s planning success stories. This walk will explore new developments in the area as it prepares for the arrival of Crossrail in 2019.

Cultural Strategies: London’s changing places

Half-day Conference, Thursday 27 September 2018


As London’s growth continues, the role of culture and cultural investment becomes even more significant. What are the key opportunities to be explored around the integration of culture in development and regeneration? What are the major benefits of implementing detailed cultural strategies for London’s changing places?

Spiritland Talks: Architecture & Music - Michel Mossessian

Spiritland Talks, Thursday 27 September 2018


Leading designers discuss their work between playing their favourite tracks: Michel Mossessian will talk about the ideas that have guided him and how music has inspired him.

Engaging Londoners in planning: are neighbourhood forums the answer?

Think Tank, Thursday 4 October 2018


Neighbourhood planning, introduced through the Localism Act 2011, is the right for communities to form groups and produce 'Neighbourhood Plans'. In London there are more than 100 Neighbourhood Forums at different stages – some have developed a plan while others are in the process of doing so.

Factory-made Housing Events Programme

Programme of events

October - January 2019

This three-month programme of events taking place for the duration of the 'Factory-made Housing' exhibition further explores key themes, forming a core part of the NLA Housing programme.

Factory-made Housing: achieving a ‘modular mindset’

Half-day Conference, Friday 12 October 2018

09:00 – 12:30

Although ‘factory-made’ homes are being advocated by national and Mayoral policy as one of the key solutions to housing demand, factory-made housing still accounts for a very small proportion of the homes built in London each year. So, what are the barriers to London adopting a truly ‘modular mindset’? How might we make the most of these construction processes to deliver homes at speed and scale?