Smarter London

How digital Technologies are shaping the city


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This publication consolidates the NLA-conducted ‘Insight Study’, researched with the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL over a period of six months, examining how we use current data and where we need to develop new ideas to make London the smartest city on the planet. 

Published October 2014.

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Smarter London


We live in the Age of Digital Information. Every part of our city – our buildings, services, transport and movement – can be recorded, designed, controlled or monitored using computer technology. Individually these pieces of information are smart – we can manage building energy systems, traffic lights and the movement of buses.


London's home owners smarten up


Using smarter technologies can empower the homeowner to gain greater information about the single biggest investment item many of them will ever make, with energy and cost-savings just two of the resultant outcomes.


Smart thinking for London’s homes


This free NLA breakfast talk focussed on how smart technologies will change London’s homes.