The best examples of individual new homes across the capital, from one up to five units.

Aikin Villas

Stephen Taylor Architects for LB Hackney NLA awards 2019Aikin Villas, Stephen Taylor Architects 


13 Alwyne Place

Mitzman Architects LLPNLA awards 201913 Alwyne Place, Mitzman Architects LLP 


Aperture House

Paul Archer Design for Zoe PapadopoulouNLA awards 2019Aperture House, Paul Archer Design 



Craftworks ArchitectsNLA awards 2019Chapel, Craftworks Architects 


The Interlock

Bureau de Change Architects for HGG LondonNLA awards 2019The Interlock, Bureau de Change Architects 

Kenwood Lee House

Cousins & Cousins Architects NLA awards 2019Kenwood Lee House, Cousins & Cousins Architects 


kennedytwaddle for Stephen BreenNLA awards 2019Soboro, Kennedytwaddle 

St Thomas Apartment

Allford Hall Monaghan MorrisNLA awards 2019St Thomas Apartment, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 

77A Stanbury Road

Williams Griffiths for Emerson Property LtdNLA awards 201977A Stanbury Road, Williams Griffiths 

Villa Volta

Novak Hiles Architects for Arrant Land NLA awards 2019Villa Volta, Novak Hiles Architects 

Wittering House

Gpad London ltd for Charles Bettes and Vicky LimNLA awards 2019Wittering House, Gpad London ltd 

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