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Streets Ahead: The future of London's roads

Thursday 28 January 2016 – Wednesday 24 February 2016

Streets Ahead: The future of London's roads, an NLA exhibition in association with TfL, exploring how London’s roads and streets have evolved over history and how they will need to adapt in the future to create better places, meet the needs of a growing population and respond to changing technologies.

AJ Small Projects

Wednesday 2 March 2016 – Wednesday 27 April 2016

Featuring the 24 shortlisted projects of this year's awards, this exhibition will detail the best completed projects with a contract value of £250,000 and under.

Don't Move, Improve! 2016 Exhibition

Friday 22 January 2016 – Wednesday 25 May 2016

In a city of some 3 million households, the piecemeal adaptation of London’s existing housing stock is necessary to ensure their longevity as homes of the future. While house prices in the capital continue to spiral, expanding and adapting existing living spaces offers homeowners a real alternative to upsizing or moving on.

London’s Craft Makers

Wednesday 4 May - Monday 30 May 2016

Grant Smith’s series of images celebrates and documents some of the artisan food producers of London, with local food producers of cheese, beer and bread proudly displaying their produce.

The Evolving London Skyline

Wednesday 4 May - Monday 30 May 2016

With a record number of tall buildings planned for the capital, London is expecting an unprecedented change to its skyline. This exhibition shows how the skyline in the city’s centre will look in 2030, with all approved buildings added.


Saturday 4 June 2016 – Tuesday 28 June 2016

To celebrate their 12th birthday, this exhibition will explore the relationship between context and process in the design, construction and life of 12 of Bell Phillips Architects’ buildings; and investigating the themes that infuse their work.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: Legacy in Action

Tuesday 5 July 2016 – Thursday 28 July 2016

This exhibition charts the huge regeneration and development of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from 2012 – 2016: showcasing one of the largest urban regeneration projects in recent times which transformed a once derelict and toxic area of east London into a thriving parkland, with world class sporting venues.

RCA Student Prize for Architecture and Innovation

Thursday 4 August 2016 – Tuesday 30 August 2016

August 2016

Reimaginings of construction by this year’s RCA Student Prize winners: including winners of the NLA / RCA Student Prize for Architecture Johnny Lui and Ciaran Scannell, and the winners of The Built Environment Trust’s inaugural RCA Student Prize for Innovation Georgia White, Christopher Kelly & Alexander Dickie.

Platform for design: stations, art and public space on the Elizabeth line

Saturday 3 September 2016 – Wednesday 28 September 2016

Projects as big as Crossrail don't come about often. It is delivering 42kms of tunnels, 10 new stations and improvements at many more stations, along with art installations, new public realm, and mixed-use commercial developments. It is acting as a catalyst for regeneration across London and will influence the way people experience the city and its suburbs.

New London 2016 - London's best new projects

Saturday 4 June 2016 – Wednesday 5 October 2016

From over 300 submissions across 15 sectors, the New London Awards 2016 exhibition features 136 of London’s best new projects, as selected by an international jury, advised by a team of London-based expert assessors.

That's Not Me

Monday 3 October 2016 – Thursday 17 November 2016

Exploring the idea of “London living for a generation defined by who they are, not how old they are”, this exhibition by PegasusLife illustrates an alternative approach to building for the New Generation of retirees.

Above and Below the Line: A Digital Artist’s View of Crossrail, by Julie Leonard

Wednesday 23 November 2016 – Thursday 19 January 2017

Over the past two years, Julie has applied the instant nature of hand-held technology to get up close with the people, personalities and places at the heart of Europe’s biggest infrastructure project. By creating digital and animated drawings at specific moments, her pictures capture everyday situations out on sites across the route, bringing the evolution of the project to life.

WRK / LDN: Shaping London’s future workspaces

Thursday 13 October 2016 – Saturday 21 January 2017

As the speed of technological change accelerates, the boundaries between working, living and leisure become ever more blurred, with the workplace in a time of deep flux culturally and internationally. What do we need for the future? Where will we working?