Housing for all Stephen Davy Peter Smith architects 20 years

Thursday 22 October – Saturday 14 November 2015

Housing in London have gone through significant change over the past 20 years. Density has continually increased through government legislation dueto the demand to house more and more people. Allied to this, housing tenure has also multiplied so now we have private ownership, private rent, affordable rent, shared ownership and soon to be introduced on a larger scale, low-cost starter homes at possibly the expense of other forms of affordable housing.

Housing  has  also  seen  the  growth  of  small  investors  looking  to  property rentals as a way of securing their own financial future. Housing has become a major investment vehicle which creates and fuels an ever increasing demand.

Over the past 20 years, Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects have beenbuilding their practice, based predominantly in the housing sector. They have worked with clients from all parts of the sector, hence the title of the exhibition being ‘Housing for All’.

The  projects  presented  here  have  been  separated  into  areas of  focus  that over   the   past   20   years   have   preoccupied   planners   and   governments searching   for   how   and   where   the   demand   for   more   housing   can   be accommodated  within  London.  Whether it’s  utilising  underdeveloped  back land  plots,  regenerating  parts  of  London  that  have  fallen  into  neglect  or looking  for  wholesale  change,  Stephen  Davy  Peter  Smith  Architects  present examples of all of these and more in this exhibition.  

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