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Don't Move, Improve! 2016 Exhibition

Friday 22 January 2016 – Wednesday 25 May 2016

In a city of some 3 million households, the piecemeal adaptation of London’s existing housing stock is necessary to ensure their longevity as homes of the future. While house prices in the capital continue to spiral, expanding and adapting existing living spaces offers homeowners a real alternative to upsizing or moving on.

London’s Craft Makers

Wednesday 4 May - Monday 30 May 2016

Grant Smith’s series of images celebrates and documents some of the artisan food producers of London, with local food producers of cheese, beer and bread proudly displaying their produce.

The Evolving London Skyline

Wednesday 4 May - Monday 30 May 2016

With a record number of tall buildings planned for the capital, London is expecting an unprecedented change to its skyline. This exhibition shows how the skyline in the city’s centre will look in 2030, with all approved buildings added.


Saturday 4 June 2016 – Tuesday 28 June 2016

To celebrate their 12th birthday, this exhibition will explore the relationship between context and process in the design, construction and life of 12 of Bell Phillips Architects’ buildings; and investigating the themes that infuse their work.

The City Garden at The City Centre

Saturday 23 April 2016 – Sunday 25 September 2016

Working with The City Centre and the City of London Corporation, artist Rebecca Louise Law has created 'The City Garden', a site-specific installation of natural materials inspired by gardens within the City.

The New London Model

Permanent Display, Free Entry

NLA’s giant new interactive model of central London brings the story of London’s historical and physical development to life through a sophisticated projection system integrated with films.

Transforming The Boroughs

Permanent Display, Free Entry

Find out what's happening in your local borough and city-wide in this exhibition examining key strategies and areas within each London borough.