Paul Beckett

Policy & Performance Director

City of London

Paul Beckett is a town planner based in London since the 1980s.

He has worked for the City Corporation for over 25 years and is Policy & Performance Director in the Built Environment Dept.  He directed the preparation of the City of London Local Plan 2015, setting out a strategy for growth to 2026, and is overseeing its review to include a stronger smarter city agenda. He has worked with officers at the GLA on strategic planning matters including the Central Activities Zone, office policy, tall buildings, view protection and Crossrail funding.


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NLA’s annual ‘On Location’ event examined the future for development and infrastructure in the City of London and how the City is looking to ‘future proof’ the Square Mile so that it continues to evolve as one of the world’s most successful financial and business districts.


‘Future-proofing’ the City


The City of London can ‘future proof’ itself by continuing its push to become less of a financial services monoculture and more of a heterogeneous, ‘soft’ environment with a mix of businesses, retail and improved public realm. But it will be helped in that journey by politicians making quick and clear decisions over Europe, Visas, regulation, and airport capacity.