30 Apr 2018

Women’s Literacy and Healthcare Centre in Bangladesh Lunchtime Talk

For two months visitors to NLA’s galleries have been able to explore a project in rural Bangladesh which aims to address social and gender inequality, and on Friday we heard more about the experience from the project’s mastermind, Tumpa Husna Yasmin Fellows, in an NLA lunchtime talk.

27 Apr 2018

Tall buildings - How many is too many?

The pros and cons of creating the next generation of tall buildings were given a thorough airing at the NLA this morning, with exponents and opponents putting their cases for the pipeline of over 500 on their way for London. But as one questioner to the panel pointed out, the cost of land and building tall meant that affordability to most Londoners was simply impossible.

20 Apr 2018

Centre Point and the Economist building - reimagined

Two highly flexible 1960s buildings - Centre Point and the Economist building – are being reimagined for the 21st century under new ownerships.

18 Apr 2018

Reaching for the sky - 510 tall buildings set to join London skyline

London now has more than 500 tall buildings in the pipeline and a record 115 under construction, according to new research published by New London Architecture.

18 Apr 2018

NLA London Tall Buildings Survey 2018: Over 500 tall buildings coming

New London Architecture (NLA) and GL Hearn’s Annual London Tall Buildings Survey, now in its fifth year, shows appetite for tall buildings in the capital remains strong

11 Apr 2018

NextGen - Looking to construction’s future

What does the future hold for the construction industry? That was the question posed to the NLA’s NextGen working group of younger professionals as they gathered at Gardiner & Theobald’s office.

6 Apr 2018

Ensuring Quality Through Planning

How is London ensuring that it gets the right sort of quality design as it sets out its mission and targets for ‘good growth’? A special think tank held at Conran & Partners’ Bermondsey office last week sought to find out.

28 Mar 2018

Construction Careers Networking

On 12 March NLA Learning hosted our second Careers Advice and Networking event for young people, following on from the success of our sold-out architecture portfolio surgery session in November 2017. This twilight event, generously hosted by Gardiner & Theobald, was a chance for teenagers to find out more about construction careers.

23 Mar 2018

Flexibility the watchword for London’s knowledge economy

How is London faring in creating the right environment to capitalise on its world-leading education and medical sector estates? NLA held a workshop with leading players across the two fields to find out, and to inform its ‘Knowledge Capital’ programme of research, conferences, talks, and tours.

22 Mar 2018

Sydney and London embrace growth, density and transport in the suburbs

Sydney and London both face a future where their housing crises are leading them to embrace ‘apartment living’, transport-led development and a reappraisal of density, especially in the suburbs.