5 Feb 2019

Sustainable cities? Vancouver and London compare notes

Vancouver and London uncovered their sustainability credentials at the NLA last week – along with the challenges both face from their respective crises in affordability.

28 Jan 2019

You can’t move history – Southbank Undercroft Skate Space Tour

As long-term supporters of the Long Live Southbank campaign to save the Southbank Undercroft, NLA invited Members to a Study Tour of the forthcoming extended skate space and youth centre.

25 Jan 2019

Delivering affordability: resi vs workspace

How can London create the type and quantity of both the affordable workspace and residential that it needs?

17 Jan 2019

Brexit, buildings and Sadiq in the spotlight – 2019 in prospect

2019 will be a year-long run-in to the mayoral elections, with Sadiq Khan pressured to defend his time in office over housing figures, knife crime and other areas under his watch. But the prospects for the city will hinge to a major degree on what happens with Brexit – and that will be aided by a more positive outlook on London’s fundamental assets and status in the world.

19 Dec 2018

2018 Review – message from Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA

When we are uncertain what the future holds, when our leaders let us down, when division and acrimony shape the tone of national debate, intelligence and clear thinking about the issues that concern our everyday lives, the future of business and urban management, become ever more important.

16 Dec 2018

London hotels braced for ‘stormy’ 2019

London’s hotels are in for some ‘stormier’ skies next year and beyond as uncertainties over Brexit and dwindling business travel threaten to affect the market.

14 Dec 2018

NextGen Christmas Party

This Tuesday, the NLA NextGen Christmas party, hosted in collaboration with City Property Association and Westminster Property Association (CWPA), brought together young professionals from across the industry to celebrate the festive session and share their ambitions for the coming year.

12 Dec 2018

Westminster looks to ‘place’ over pedestrianisation

Westminster is concentrating on ‘place’ rather than pedestrianisation.

That’s according to the London borough’s director of Place Shaping and West End Partnership Deirdra Armsby as she talked through the new City Plan and strategy for the Oxford Street District at NLA.

11 Dec 2018

NLA group visits Bushey Cemetery – on two wheels

NLA led a small group of cyclists and architects to visit Waugh Thistleton Architects’ acclaimed Bushey Cemetery yesterday, including a walk and talk-through of the design from Andrew Waugh himself.

11 Dec 2018

London looks to private sector in infrastructure push

Despite the delays associated with Crossrail, London is getting better at planning and delivering big infrastructure projects that help bring forward development. But it still needs more help from the private sector in raising finance, has to press the case for key regenerative catalysts like the Bakerloo Line Extension, and must work harder at being more ‘joined up’ across the region.