14 Mar 2019

MIPIM day two – collaboration and communities

Day two on the London at MIPIM stand represented something of an exploration of collaboration and communities.

12 Mar 2019

NLA's Big Quiz raises over £6.7k for charity

Last week, 150 NLA Members tested their knowledge of London’s history, music and current affairs at the NLA Big Quiz 2019!

12 Mar 2019

London at MIPIM 2019 – day one - innovation and talent

The opening day of this year’s MIPIM London stand was all about two main things: innovation and talent. The London stand organised by NLA and Pipers kicked off with a session on the knowledge economy and to what degree it might be a key driver of the capital’s future.

4 Mar 2019

Tall buildings – ‘the new normal’ for London

NLA declared 2019 ‘the year of the tall building’ as it released new data on the numbers of such schemes set to be built in the capital.

4 Mar 2019

2019 is the Year of the Tall Building – NLA Report launch

4 Mar 2019

How to Make a Place – NLA Learning Half-Term Course

During February half-term NLA Learning hosted a three-day course for young people aged 14-17yrs.

19 Feb 2019

Big data - driving change in London and Chicago

London and Chicago can learn a lot from each other on how to collect and disseminate data for the benefit of the cities and their citizens. But they must do so in an open and innovative way that avoids accusations of Big Brother and improves places and spaces for all.

15 Feb 2019

London set to get a charter for POPs

London is to get a charter to improve privately owned public spaces across the capital, but should also work on creating a logo to make such spaces, their owners and the rules that they impose more transparent.

13 Feb 2019

‘Urbanising suburbia’ – Wembley on the march

Wembley is working hard to balance its rapid growth in terms of housing and jobs with its new appeal as a rounded place.

13 Feb 2019

Architects and designers must ‘embrace’ factory-made housing

Factory-made housing is only one part of the solution to building better homes, long-term. But it is an area with growing government support that architects and other designers need to fully embrace.