26 Jun 2018

RA redefines itself through Chipperfield scheme

The Royal Academy of Arts used its David Chipperfield-designed remodelling process to question its place in the world for the last 250 years and ask what it can be in the next 250.

25 Jun 2018

Digital and devolution failures threaten London development

Developers and local authorities must get better at taking communities through the benefits of their schemes as well as the items they may need to work on together, against a background of more effective partnership working. But London is facing a difficult battle to stay competitive given a central government that does not view digital infrastructure as a high priority and its refusal to allow the capital to spend the taxes it raises.

19 Jun 2018

Press Release - London’s best building designs to be announced by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will address over 700 leading professionals and decision-makers in the built environment and announce the winner of the Mayor’s Prize, at the prestigious New London Architecture (NLA) New London Awards ceremony on 4 July at The Guildhall.

18 Jun 2018

Where thinking joins up – NLA joins the Knowledge Quarter

NLA are excited to announce our recent joining of the Knowledge Quarter.

15 Jun 2018

LREF daily review – day two

LREF’s second and final day this year – and last appearance in Berkeley Square before its move to the HAC in 2019 – began with a look at ‘good growth’ and whether it was more than just a buzzword (or words). Following are some of the quotes and highlights from some of the other debates.

13 Jun 2018

Win Londoners' ‘consent’, Murray tells LREF

Deputy mayor for housing James Murray made a plea for more help from government and the development industry to take communities with them as he opened this year’s LREF last night.

13 Jun 2018

LREF daily review - day one

This year's LREF kicked off this morning with a series of talks and roundtables around the main exhibition. The following is a selection of some of the main takeaways and quotes from some of the sessions.

12 Jun 2018

Get life skills and go for it, Pidgley tells school students

150 school students from across the capital were given a sneak preview of the London Real Estate Forum (LREF) this lunchtime, along with the chance to mix with architects, engineers, developers and others working in the built environment. And they were told by Tony Pidgley CBE, chairman of Berkeley Group that they will ‘make the difference’ if they acquire life skills, put energy into their chosen paths, and be the best they can be.

7 Jun 2018

Architects must become more entrepreneurial, warns Levete

Architects have been wilfully ‘sleepwalking’ into a position where their powers are eroded and project managers have usurped their role, so must instead regain some ground by becoming more entrepreneurial.

6 Jun 2018

New York and London respond to homelessness

Architects and designers in New York and London are responding to the homelessness crisis by creating shelters which treat their occupants with more dignity, provide more services and help them get back on track by focusing on their strengths rather than their problems. But the issue has become one where structural problems – notably government policies and a lack of affordability in housing – have overtaken behavioral drivers like drug or alcohol dependency as the reason why many find themselves on the streets in the first place.