10 Sep 2018

Government acts on ‘Constitutional London’

Government is working hard to improve the setting, security and accessibility of ‘Constitutional London’ – the iconic parts of Westminster known to visitors across the world.

4 Sep 2018

NLA Study Tour: Brompton Bicycle

Following the annual Active Travel Summit, our new series of NLA Study Tours explored the home of London’s iconic Brompton Bicycle in Greenford.

17 Aug 2018

Centralisation vs decentralisation - NextGen at London Real Estate Forum

The hypothesis: As London becomes increasingly expensive to live in, work in and travel around, it is at risk of being hollowed out and losing the vibrancy that makes it such a desirable place to live and work for young people.

13 Aug 2018

Architectural Design Academy

New London Architecture and The City Centre’s Learning programme is now wrapped up for the 2017-18 academic year. Welcoming a total of 2,431 students on our Schools and Young People programme we have now been fully operational across both sites for 12 months, engaging a huge variety of young Londoners with built environment careers.

3 Aug 2018

Active travel provides a key to UK health

London risks bequeathing its ‘bad habits’ of a lack of exercise on the next generation – and the resultant steep cost on the nation’s coffers - if it fails to urgently sort out improvements to its cycling and walking infrastructure.

2 Aug 2018

London Bridge – successful open heart surgery

Creating the new London Bridge Station was like performing open heart surgery on a patient - while they were jogging.

31 Jul 2018

London urged to place higher value on green infrastructure

London must recognise the ‘significant economic benefits’ of green infrastructure as well as those connected to air quality and the wellbeing of its citizens as it seeks to become ‘the greenest global city’.

30 Jul 2018

Tom Dixon reveals city planning ambition

Tom Dixon had a surprise up his sleeve for an audience gathered to hear his musical choices at Spiritland in King’s Cross last week – the Tunisian-born designer has a secret desire to go from micro to macro by becoming a city planner.

27 Jul 2018

Time to ‘bust the myth’ of ‘green and pleasant’ Green Belt land, MP tells APPG

London could contribute a million more homes to the goal of easing its ongoing housing crisis if it de-designated and used some of the scrappier, less ‘green and pleasant’ parts of its considerable Green Belt land.

23 Jul 2018

Learning Programme Update

2017-18 has been an extremely busy and successful one for the NLA and The City Centre Learning programme. Through the generous support of The Sackler Trust our schools programme has reached a total of 2,379 pupils from 59 schools this academic year. These groups have engaged in our model talks, taught sessions, workshops, tours and bespoke careers projects run across NLA, The City Centre, Schools Outreach and the London Real Estate Forum.