2018 Review – message from Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA

Wednesday 19 December 2018

When we are uncertain what the future holds, when our leaders let us down, when division and acrimony shape the tone of national debate, intelligence and clear thinking about the issues that concern our everyday lives, the future of business and urban management, become ever more important.

At NLA we are honoured to regularly host a broad spectrum of leading protagonists in the discussion around environmental issues, growth, design, funding and future resilience. Our detailed research reflects the insights of the industry and how it can perform more effectively. 

One of our team recently spoke of “The University of NLA”, a description I found very appealing. As I moderate our many roundtables, talks and seminars I feel privileged to enjoy a Masters in London development and governance delivered by leading academics, politicians, practitioners and ordinary people. Below you will see the statistics which give an idea of the scale of the NLA programme delivered by our brilliant team whose effectiveness is confirmed by the 'sold out' signs on so many of our events.

Our purpose is to bring people together to shape a better city and this we will continue to do in 2019, looking at issues relating to London’s economy, its tall buildings, public housing, planning, streets and design quality - even down to the scale of home extensions with our highly popular ‘Don’t Move -  Improve’ programme. While it is hard to think of a period in recent history when we enter the New Year with greater uncertainty, NLA looks forward to supporting our members and the wider community in delivering good growth and positive change in the capital.

Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA


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