12 Nov 2018

UK could lead world in prefabs ‘inside a decade’

Prefab construction has to offer something tangible, real, and better than conventional construction methods if the term is to be effectively ‘rehabilitated’. But the UK is making great strides in the technology and could be the world’s leader in off-site inside the next decade.

12 Nov 2018

Timber Tour with Waugh Thistleton Architects

“Every year that we work with timber it becomes more culturally and politically relevant”.

2 Nov 2018

London ‘falling behind’ other world cities over regional planning

Everybody needs good neighbours. But London’s inability to effectively plug in to a strategic regional plan for the wider south east is holding it back, in contrast to other world cities such as New York, Sydney and Paris.

2 Nov 2018

Urban Design in the City of London – Learning programme

During the October half-term New London Architecture and The City Centre’s Learning Programme hosted a three-day workshop for young people aged 14-17.

1 Nov 2018

Waltham Forest joins the culture club

Waltham Forest is aiming to get ‘culture on every corner’ as part of its bid to provide the catalyst to unleash investment and make the borough a better place for all.

31 Oct 2018

Transport and the rise of the autonomous

Autonomous vehicles and drones represent a definite part of the future of London – a case of “when”, rather than “if.” But their impacts – socially, politically, environmentally and economically – as well as the regulatory requirements they need, remain under the radar with local authorities and central government.

30 Oct 2018

‘Revolution’ required to hit 100,000 homes target

A clutch of leading built environment thinkers and practitioners gathered at NLA on Monday night to try and answer a burning question for London: where on earth are we going to build 100,000 homes a year? The answer, it seemed, was that it is a tough ask, requiring revolution rather than evolution.

30 Oct 2018

Television Centre Study Tour

Last week, 45 NLA Members visited the revamped Television Centre complex on a sunny morning in White City.

22 Oct 2018

MIPIM UK day two

Day two of this year’s MIPIM UK looked at what the concept of what good growth might mean – in terms of planning, London’s Towns, from transport infrastructure and in the east of the capital, as well as how workplaces can grow and, just as importantly, retain their talent pools.

19 Oct 2018

Next! Speed mentoring for the next generation

‘You should find the problem, present the options and create the solution. It’s better to aim high and occasionally fail, than to succeed all the time.’