30 Jun 2017

The future of industrial integration - Think Tank

London is close to reaching its 2031 target for releasing industrial land for higher value uses such as housing, with 12 boroughs released the amount of industrial land expected. So the capital must embrace innovation, perhaps with multi-storey schemes that are the norm in Shanghai or Hong Kong, and recognize the role this wide-ranging sector plays in keeping London competitive on the world stage.

29 Jun 2017

Grenfell and housing – which way now? NLA Sounding Board

London must get better at pooling resources to respond to tragic events like the Grenfell Tower disaster and Government should regularly review building regulations and consider safety ratings for homes like the ones used for cars.

27 Jun 2017

London urged to ‘stay open’ for world design business

London must concentrate on its ‘fundamentals’ of tolerance and diversity if it is to retain its position as a global design hub.

21 Jun 2017

Peter Murray - Grenfell Tower fire: Londoners must be safe in our city of towers

After every major tower block fire in recent history, guidance has been issued. Following the fire in 14-storey Lakanal House in Camberwell in July 2009, in which six people died and more than 20 were injured, the expert coroner suggested a string of changes to the regulations covering residential towers that included installing sprinkler systems.

19 Jun 2017

‘The demand is out there – why aren’t you?’

Built environment professionals were at the NLA last week to get valuable hints and tips on how to work abroad from the UK’s Department for International Trade – and from those who make it happen in five separate hotspots around the world.

16 Jun 2017

Housing takes centre stage – LREF day 2

With the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster setting housing issues into sharp relief, the topic was a key strain in day two of LREF – but with more of an emphasis on the continuing quest for an answer to how and where London can attend to its supply deficit.

15 Jun 2017

Talent is the key for London, LREF hears

Talent was the thread running through a number of talks at LREF today as the show got into gear – how London can attract, grow and retain it to keep its competitive edge on the world stage.

14 Jun 2017

London Real Estate Forum told – listen to ordinary Londoners

The GLA’s David Lunts made a plea for developers to remember the needs of the communities they build in as he launched this year’s LREF in Berkeley Square last night.

13 Jun 2017

Annual lecturer Adjaye makes case for greater diversity

The built environment sector specifically – and society more generally – should aim to make ‘big jumps’ rather than incremental changes to secure greater diversity.

9 Jun 2017

Engaging people - communicating architecture

Leading figures from architecture centres in New York, Chicago and Washington DC were at the NLA this morning to share their experiences in communicating built environment issues to the public.