NLA Nights at White Collar Factory

Wednesday 27 September 2017

© Agnese Sanvito

© Agnese Sanvito

© Agnese Sanvito

This September the NLA membership explored White Collar Factory, the recently completed office building at Old Street, in the heart of London’s Tech City.

Tours of the building began at the famous rooftop running track, which enjoys panoramic views over Old Street. Steve Taylor, AHMM, joked that the track has drawn so much media attention, it seems as if ‘we wanted to build a running track, and then thought, what can we put below it?’.

Another subject of interest was the energy efficient cooling design of the building. This is achieved through a variety of features, most notably the double height ceilings which allow heat to gather above the inhabited space, and the thermal mass of the concrete structure which absorbs heat during the night.

Tours were led by AHMM, AKT II, Arup, Jackson Coles and AECOM, and revealed a collection of workspaces including offices, studios, and incubator space, alongside the vacant spaces still to be determined in the building. 

NLA Nights are evening networking events for the NLA membership to meet and discover great new architecture across the city.

–Sadie Geen

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