Myanmar Cycle Expedition

Tuesday 7 November 2017

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This week, NLA Chairman Peter Murray and 11 other cyclists joined architectural aid charity Article 25 on a 500-mile cycle expedition through Myanmar.

Taking place over 14 days, the aim of the expedition is to share knowledge, support the development of Myanmar’s healthcare system, its infrastructure, to build local capacity and raise money to fund future work of Article 25 in the area.

The journey will cover 500 miles, from Yangon to Mandalay and back, passing via Yangon General Hospital, which is the site of the charity’s biggest project. During the ride the cyclists will also be undertaking field research into Myanmar’s healthcare system and building local capacity and knowledge.

Leading the expedition are Josine Lambert, Architect at Article 25 and Tom Dollard, Head of Sustainable Design at Pollard Thomas Edwards, as well as a team of international and local architects, engineers, planners and geographers, experts in the field of sustainable, climate adaptive design and healthcare specialists.

Stay up to date with the cycle by following these two blogs from Geoff Rich, Managing Partner at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, and Tim Wiseman, Manager at BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment

Since 2015, Article 25 has been helping with the regeneration of Yangon General Hospital, one of the largest and most important public healthcare institutions in Myanmar. The nineteenth century hospital is a vital resource for the people of Myanmar who cannot afford private healthcare. However, following decades of low investment in healthcare, the building and facilities have fallen into a state of overcrowding and disrepair. Article 25 was asked to draw up a masterplan for the hospital and now has teams in Myanmar and London providing technical advice and guidance on the refurbishment.  The charity’s plan includes using local skills to create a long-term sustainable hospital. The reinvigoration was launched by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, The Nobel Peace Prize laureate who chose the hospital as the location of her first public speech in 1988. 

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By Merry Arnold

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Josine Lambert, Architect at Article 25
Tom Dollard, Head of Sustainable Design at Pollard Thomas Edwards
Geoff Rich – Managing Partner at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios – Geoff has a keen interest in design and conservation issues
Alastair Laurenson – BP Construction Engineer – infrastructure design
Grant Smith – Photographer
Peter Murray – Chairman at New London Architecture – background in architecture and journalism
Rob Cole – Director at Steffian Bradley Architects – specialises in healthcare architecture
Ruth Edwards – Design Manager – experience in working in Malaysia and Nepal
Tim Wiseman – Manager at BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment – specialises in sustainable refurbishment techniques
Chris Dumas – Civil Engineer & Project Manager
Harriette Warner – Architectural Assistant in Essex – experienced in natural building
Harry Day – Architect at Grimshaw Architects – higher education experience
Lee Fox – Architect at Claridge Architects 

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