28 Jun 2016

Let transport lead housing, says deputy mayor Murray

London must move to a situation where the development of transport infrastructure leads housing investment rather than catching up when homes are already there.

27 Jun 2016

Bringing People Together

In a period when uncertainty is the only certainty, information is king.

20 Jun 2016

Peter Murray on why NLA chose Assemble for the 2016 Annual Lecture

There are many reasons why Assemble were the right choice for this year’s NLA Annual Lecture.

15 Jun 2016

LREF Day Two – what they said

The second and final day of this year’s LREF was another packed out affair, with topics under discussion ranging from the London economy to priorities for Sadiq Khan and his new deputy mayor James Murray, PRS and the latest moves to try and avert the housing crisis more generally.

14 Jun 2016

LREF Day One - what they said

It was a lively first day at this year’s LREF in Berkeley Square, the NLA-organised property event described by Cllr Robert Davis at last night’s opening party as the industry’s very own Glastonbury.

10 Jun 2016

Visions for London unveiled at PechaKucha

Architects and engineers gathered at the Vision London event earlier this week to present their innovative ideas and projects to improve the way we live, work and play in the capital.

9 Jun 2016

Delivering more homes in Islington

The NLA recently brought together Islington Councillors, housing developers and architects to discuss delivering more, high quality homes in the borough in the context of new housing and planning legislation. David Taylor reports.

8 Jun 2016

‘Ignore the value of local residents at your peril’

Architects must work harder to truly engage with local communities in a bid to better understand the areas they are designing for and the people who will live there.

1 Jun 2016

Placemaking – how can London improve?

How can London get better at placemaking? And is the very term becoming outdated, misunderstood or solely the preserve of the marketing team?
A talk this morning headlined by four select speakers at NLA and sponsored by Broadgate Estates and Capco sought to find out.

26 May 2016

Universities set stall out to integrate more into the city fabric

Higher education estates across London are ‘sweating their assets’ and integrating more with their surrounding communities in a bid to attract the best staff and students in an increasingly competitive global market.