22 Dec 2015

Seasons Greetings!

What a bumper year we've had! NLA would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our supporters who have been involved with our many events and exhibitions this year.

17 Dec 2015

A 3D model for London

How could a 3D model for London work? And what might the
barriers to its formulation be?

17 Dec 2015

Shaping the future of Mayfair

How can Mayfair maintain its character and position as a leading arts and luxury retail quarter for London as it deals with population growth and rising values – and seeks to capitalize on the benefits the new Bond Street Crossrail link will bring?

16 Dec 2015

Going public – capitalizing on land for regeneration

Public bodies are working hard to maximise the development potential of their land as the quest for housing and regeneration intensifies, spearheaded by moves made by central government and its own estate.

15 Dec 2015

London Architecture Diary Guest Editor - Richard Coutts, Baca Architects

Lay down your slide rules and disable your Wacom pens – the festive season is upon us!

10 Dec 2015

London Festival of Architecture 2016

- LFA appoints Tamsie Thomson as Director
- London's month-long, citywide celebration of architecture returns in June 2016 exploring the theme of ‘Community’

30 Nov 2015

Redrawing London

Over 70 of London’s great and good in the architectural, development and planning worlds gathered at Arup’s headquarters on Friday to debate what sort of future the capital could or should create.

26 Nov 2015

Reinventing the mansion block

London could turn to the mansion block as one answer to its housing crisis, with modern variants on the typology created to provide high density homes in both the centre and potentially revitalized suburbs.

12 Nov 2015

London responds to housing ‘emergency’

London’s housing crisis has turned into an ‘emergency’, with an even more pressing need for new tools to be found to speed up delivery.

9 Nov 2015

Keeping the rich mix

Character. Distinctiveness. Diversity. How do we preserve the rich mix of London as it encounters major population growth and change and avoid killing off what makes the city what it is?