5 Sep 2013

How do we create places where people want to live?

How do we create places where people want to live?
That was the question grappled with by an elite panel of built environment and local government professionals at the NLA this morning as part of an event marking the 50th anniversary of housing association L&Q.

4 Sep 2013

New Ideas for London's Schools

There was a lot of talk about pushing playspace onto underutilised school roofscapes, a fair bit about sharing and co-locating other uses and services, and a smattering about context – even the crucial need to provide good teaching above good buildings.

30 Aug 2013

NLA London Awards 2013 Winners - Overall Winners

The designers of two separate award-winning schemes, both with major impacts on London’s social and built fabric, talked through their projects at the NLA this morning.

13 Aug 2013

Delivering the Rio Games – lessons from London

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro is planning to use the 2016 Olympics, 2014 World Cup and February’s discovery of oil off Rio’s coast to catapult the city back onto the world stage.

24 Jul 2013

Farrell Review Grapples with Government Role in Design Quality

The Farrell Review grappled with issues ranging from design review to education, research and post-occupancy evaluations in its latest workshop at the NLA this week.

23 Jul 2013

New Hotels in London

The provision of new hotels in London is a boom area – except for the City, where there is a sign up saying ‘no vacancies’.

2 Jul 2013

Latest Trends in London's Retail Offer

‘It’s not about products anymore – it’s about the experience’

28 Jun 2013

Google unveil plans for UK HQ at NLA conference

AHMM's Simon Allford unveiled the practice's designs for the new Google UK HQ at King's Cross Central at the NLA conference on King's Cross and Euston this morning.

21 Jun 2013

Blackfriars Road

Blackfriars Road

Southwark is aiming to transform Blackfriars Road into a boulevard lined with trees and high quality developments, and is planning a series of events marking the ‘Blackfriars Mile’ from the bridge at one end to Elephant & Castle at the other.

3 Jun 2013

New London Awards 2013 shortlist unveiled

New London Awards 2013 shortlist unveiled