23 Oct 2013

NLA Sounding Board

The New London Sounding Board gathered last week to grapple with issues as diverse as the Thames Gateway; the future for London’s High Streets; and the vision for the capital up to 2020 and beyond.

17 Oct 2013

Great Estates attracts great and good on opening night

Over 500 people crammed into the NLA’s Store Street headquarters last night for the private view of this autumn’s blockbuster exhibition – Great Estates: How London’s landowners shape the city.

15 Oct 2013

Is the BCO Guide right for the TMT sector?

The creation of offices for the fast-growing TMT sector is becoming more akin to product design, with occupiers more interested in ‘cool’ locations and buildings as differentiators with which to attract the best staff.

15 Oct 2013

GLA Debate - Where should London invest in its Infrastructure up to 2050

The UK must move from a short-term, project-by-project approach to its infrastructure provision to a more holistic ‘systems’ strategy that looks at needs and constraints in a wider, multi-modal way.

11 Oct 2013

Make sure you respond to the Government's Housing Standards Review

Government’s proposals to shake up housing standards were proclaimed as ‘lukewarm’, with London a special case that shouldn’t be lumped in with entirely different conditions in the rest of the country.

4 Oct 2013

Hackney: The coolest borough?

Shoreditch is like a coral reef, with lots of beautiful fish – but it doesn’t take much of a change in water temperature to kill it off.

26 Sep 2013

Funding PRS – how the government, mayor and market are responding to increased demand in the private rented sector

Government, the mayor and the market are all working hard to kick-start the private rented sector as part of the answer to the housing crisis in London and the rest of the country. But the image of renting housing must change from a sector where people ‘end up in’ to one which is the tenure of choice.

25 Sep 2013

Old Oak Common Strategic Visioning Group

The Old Oak Common area of west London needs inspired leadership, Government support, money and a clear-sighted plan of action over land ownership issues if it is to avoid becoming a disappointing patchwork of disparate development projects.

20 Sep 2013

Streets are places too – the Mayor's vision for world-class streets and roads in London

London’s streets are an important part of its public realm and deserving of far more than the ‘dramatic underinvestment’ they get at present.

12 Sep 2013

London Development Update

Billions of pounds’ worth of central London developments were on show at the NLA this morning as key figures from Helical Bar, Lend Lease and Land Securities talked through their schemes.