8 Mar 2012

NLQ goes to MIPIM: David Taylor’s letter from Cannes – day 2

Ah, sunshine. There’s nothing quite like a bit of seasonal weather to bring out the optimists, add some warmth to people’s outlook in general and to this property market in particular.

7 Mar 2012

NLQ goes to MIPIM: David Taylor’s letter from Cannes – day 1

Following a tortuous, late-running Eurostar-afflicted journey which saw this correspondent take the circuitous route via an enforced overnighter in Marseilles, it was time to take in this year’s MIPIM.

2 Mar 2012

Public space in NY-LON – a tale of two cities

New York and London are making great – if differing – strides in the provision of new public space, but the fight to restrain the motor vehicle must be on-going.

1 Mar 2012

Driving growth – the impact of transport investment and delivery on the capital

The Olympics represents a golden chance to rethink the way we travel around London.

29 Feb 2012


Regeneration in London is becoming a more global discipline, aided by large sites under single ownership. But too much is being asked of planners to guide new development.

13 Feb 2012

A day of FREE advice and inspiration for Londoners looking to extend or refurbish their homes – Saturday 25 February 2012

NLA – London’s centre for the built environment – will be holding a day of free home improvement events on Saturday 25 February at The Building Centre WC1, giving advice and inspiration to Londoners looking to extend their homes.

9 Feb 2012

Westminster – on location

Westminster is determined to underpin its long-term future with high quality design, but faces challenges as they relate to planning changes at the neighbourhood level.

3 Feb 2012

Londonʼs best new home extensions and small offices revealed

A larch-clad extension to a Victorian terraced house in Wandsworth, a suburban garden studio In Enfield and a converted container at Hackney City Farm have been announced overall winners of NLAʼs third annual ʻDonʼt Move, Improve!ʼ competition to find Londonʼs best new home and office extensions.

26 Jan 2012

Student residential accommodation – bucking the trend?

London has a keen and growing appetite for student accommodation, especially for schemes which are integrated into their community. But the background is one of a growing public hostility to projects and a tightening planning scenario.

20 Jan 2012

Shaping the future of the Queen Elizabeth Park

Much of the London Olympics attention thus far has been on the buildings. But a breakfast talk given this morning by some of the designers responsible for the park at the east London site showed that the landscape features will be just as exciting, and a major part of the wider area’s legacy.