30 Apr 2012

Planning for Growth – implementing the NPPF in London

The NPPF is about instilling a culture change and bringing an end to the top-down approach.

23 Apr 2012

Stratford City’s new business district – breakfast talk

The Stratford City development will be based on a ‘truly 21st century agenda’, with flexible, sustainable workplaces benefiting from open spaces and excellent transport links. But it will also be home to offices which are enjoyable, healthy places in which to work, in a bid to lift efficiencies and retain the best staff.

19 Apr 2012

Mayoral matters – the inside track

Boris is ahead in the contest to become the next London mayor, but it is the location rather than the size of the turnout in the coming election that will be the crucial determining factor.

17 Apr 2012

Future Peckham

Developers, practitioners and local businesses met this morning in the beautifully restored Old Waiting Room in Peckham Rye Station for an NLA briefing on the development opportunities in Peckham town centre.

13 Apr 2012

East Village 2 – designing a legacy for London

‘The biggest challenge is getting this place to work’.

11 Apr 2012

The Art of Placemaking

We are living in ‘the age of the dude’, with creative individuals playing an ever larger part in city and place-making.

22 Mar 2012

East Village – designing a legacy for London (1)

Implementing effective, high quality levels of estate management will be one of the crucial challenges facing Qatari Diar Delancey QDD in taking forward the East Village project.

16 Mar 2012

London’s High Streets – Outer London ideas

Sterling work is being done to revitalise London’s High Streets through 90 schemes kick-started by new regeneration money aimed at Outer London.

13 Mar 2012

Post Portas: London retail now

London’s retail scene needs to take on board holistic planning and management principles, accept change and be flexible about how space is used. But it is too late to ‘put the genie back in the bottle’ – high streets must adapt or die, and in ways which may not be entirely retail focused.

9 Mar 2012

NLQ goes to MIPIM: David Taylor’s letter from Cannes – day 3

And so to day three, with more than half an eye on the future, as well as on journeys home.