The greatest election in a generation?

Friday 4 December 2009

Next year could see the second change in government for 31 years, and if the general election falls on the 6th May 2010, as is the current bet, it will be the first time that local and national elections have fallen on the same day.

The London Communications Agency presented their political predictions at an NLA breakfast talk this morning. Should the general and national elections fall on the same day, this could have a significant impact on voting patterns, potentially doubling the turnout for local elections, and resulting in split voting, as voters chose different political parties for each.

Robert Gordon Clark, Chairman of the LCA predicted that there are 17 boroughs to watch next year for significant political change, while in the local elections, 25 constituencies, especially those in North London, face considerable voting shifts.

Post-election, the LCA predicted that major issues to watch in London will be the future of the quangos, the make-up of the London Councils and the future of Crossrail and the Thames Gateway.

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